Why Maintaining Cleanliness in Recreational Areas is Important

One of the most commonly known recreational sites are parks. When people go to parks, they don’t just go there for leisure but also to release stress and do some physical activities, and when they do, they want to witness these recreational parks as clean as possible. However, to be able to maintain a clean and green recreational place is a big duty and is very difficult. Parking and recreational departments have been struggling with the lack of funds over the past years and the consequence of this is the low maintenance of parks and other recreational places. Moreover, more and more people are actually going out on parks to enjoy the view thus, doubling the risk for more garbage and litter.

If you want to maintain a park or any other recreational areas, you have to be prepared for an uphill battle. Visitors and other users aren’t necessarily aware of the kind of danger that they put on parks especially when they continuously litter and throw garbage anywhere. Here are some tips to follow in maintaining the cleanliness of parks and other recreational places:



Place recycling and trash containers all around the park

One of the reasons why park goers and other related people who visit any recreational place starts to throw garbage in almost anywhere because there is an insufficient number of trash bins put all throughout the park. Strategically placing trash bins and other containers may help in lessening the amount of garbage found in the park. Put these bins and containers where most people are likely to go and stay. Areas where people eat also is an essential location to put up some extra receptacles.


Place more signage

Obviously, more bins and receptacles could only go far. This will not be enough especially if people are lazy enough to find one. This is precisely the reason why you have to put up more signage that reminds these visitors when and where to throw their garbage. Moreover, continue to post signage that says “Help Maintain Cleanliness” so that people will have the incentive to throw away their garbage properly.

Sanction litters

This is one of the most effective deterrent for individuals not to throw garbage anywhere especially in parks and recreational areas. When you own one, you have to have sanctions to those who don’t follow regulations such as throwing the garbage properly. This will not only deter people from throwing just almost anywhere, but this will also be a good source of funding, considering that there are really individuals who inherently don’t want to follow instructions.


Hire staff and other attendants.

Visitors and park-goers can only do so much in helping parks remain intact and clean. This is precisely the reason why you always have to hire somebody to help maintain the cleanliness of the park and the recreational area. When you are struggling with budget and funding, make sure that cleanliness is always on top of your priorities and maintain staff that works on these areas.

Garbage and other forms of litter will always be there but some of these tips might help you in maintaining cleanliness in these recreational areas. You could go a long way especially when you combine some of these suggestions with your own creativity.

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