Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Important

It’s so easy to say that you don’t need to hire professional services because there are things in life that you could do by yourself such as carpet cleaning. Because machines such as vacuum and cleaning materials like scrub are two of your allies in order to maintain you carpet clean from time to time. Meaning, you could make you carpet shine with cleanliness all by your own. With these said, is professional Geelong carpet cleaning worth your money and time?

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Important

Before answering the question, you have to understand first that there are a hundred of things than what meets the eyes. Meaning, even if your carpet looks and smells clean, there are a lot of deep-seated bacteria, dirt and the ever-popular dust mites hidden beneath the carpet surface. Regular vacuuming and scrubbing could help but it could only do much. Doing these simple cleaning activities will end up the dust and bacteria beneath the carpet surface untouched. What you actually need is a more comprehensive and efficient cleaning. When you cling to the idea of having some professional services, you will not only make your carpet clean and sanitized but also, it will be better aesthetics and smell wise.

In this list are some of the procedures that is being done by professional carpet cleaning in order to give you an image on how they do their magic to create a superior cleaning task on your carpets.

Pre-Vacuuming and treatment

These early steps are very important before proceeding to the heavier task of deep carpet cleaning. Vacuuming at this stage is going to happen with the use of commercial vacuum. This is in order for the smallest grain of hair and dust be removed just before the extraction process continues. After vacuuming, a cleaner which is highly concentrated will be applied to the carpets so that embedded dirt especially located in high traffic areas are going to be broken down. Ordinary carpet cleaning supplies are no match with this powerful chemical especially in stain removal.

Extraction and Deodorization

The extraction system going to be used in this part of the services is so powerful that all kinds of dirt are going to be removed no matter how they are embedded within the carpet’s surface. The proves starts by cleaning off the base of the fibers of the carpets in a highly efficient steam cleaning system. When this process is complete, excess water from the carpet will be removed through a quick dry process. Then, deodorizing treatment will be used so that the smell is commensurate to how it looks.

Grooming and Post Spot Treatment

The carpet should be neutralized so that the carpet doesn’t accumulate dirt as well as a softer surface which will retain a little longer. Then, the carpet will be checked whether there are remaining stains or spots because if there is any, a special solution will be used to remove it. The last step is post cleaning and grooming where footprints are removed. Finally, the fibers of the carpet are separated for faster drying.

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